Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, it all started with firecrackers, paint and Legos. Later came cameras, metal, fire and many art schools. After receiving a BA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from Spokane Falls Community College, Ben moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for story telling. He spent a number of years around the camera wrangling art as a production designer and lead in several art departments absorbing every bit of film knowledge he could along the way. Taking that experience with him to the post production realm, Ben believes creating great art and design involves not only raw talent, but a healthy amount of passion for the craft. He loves getting teams excited about making things. With more than 15 years of production and post production experience in the film and entertainment business, he has helped to create some of the most memorable content for a variety of motion pictures, commercials, television shows, music videos, concerts, and more. He has been designing, illustrating, animating, effects supervising, directing, filming and blowing shit up ever since. Ben is currently seeking to collaborate with fellow artists, rock stars, misfits, humanitarians and storytellers of all kinds.